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Welcome to McAfee Activation : McAfee Internet Security Suite 2019 landed smack dab in the middle of the rankings for “Paying for Protection,” our 2019 roundup of security suites, ranking fifth out of the nine tested products.

The 2019 version features Artemis, a new Internet-based malware detection feature. Offsetting Artemis and McAfee‘s otherwise generally good malware detection rate, however, were its slow scanning speed, its interface annoyances, and its very poor performance in proactive, behavioral detection tests.

Proven security that protects your digital lifestyle, McAfee Internet Security Suite helps prevent access and damage to irreplaceable documents, such as digital photos, family movies, and personal financial data. Internet Security Suite protects against viruses, spyware, hackers, and “phishing” scams that may result in lost files, identity theft, and poor PC performance.

The PC has become the hub for your digital lifestyle. You store your digital assets–photos, movies, music, resume, and other valuable documents–on your PC. You use the Internet for digital communications, including e-mail, instant messaging, online shopping, and banking. This combination has created the perfect environment for viruses, spyware, and hackers to threaten your PC, data, and identity.

McAfee Internet Security program also prohibits unauthorized access to and from the Internet, blocks unwanted or persistent pop-up ads, manages cookies, and filters unwanted and offensive Internet and e-mail content. With automated, daily updates, Internet Security Suite is a comprehensive, multi-layered security solution that protects your most important digital files and personal information from the latest security threats.

Features :

  • Protects irreplaceable files, such as family photos and personal financial documents.
  • Identifies spyware and adware before they can run on your PC.
  • Blocks unwanted inbound and outbound Internet traffic.
  • Filters unwanted and malicious e-mails and “phishing” Web sites.
  • Prevents most offensive online content, including pop-ups and ads.
  • Enhances privacy with a digital document shredder.
  • Updates automatically to protect against new threats.
  • In’s malware-detection tests, which use 654,914 collected malware samples and then measure how well antivirus detects the nasties, McAfee‘s suite performed respectably. It caught 97.4 percent of malware thrown at it, though it lagged with a 90 percent success rate at identifying spyware varieties that steal passwords and financial information. That doesn’t quite compare to the score of about 99 percent for top performers such as the Avira security suite and the Norton security suite, but is much better than the sorry 55.7 percent rate that the Trend Micro package produced with password stealers.
  • The new Artemis feature sends a signature of to-be-scanned files over the Internet to McAfee’s servers, which can then compare the files against a much larger and more up-to-date signature database that the one that resides on your PC. Artemis likely contributed to the McAfee suite’s decent showing.
  • On the other hand, this suite’s performance in behavioral tests, which examine how well antivirus products can identify unknown malware based solely on how it acts, was dismal. McAfee’s package was able to warn about some aspect of malware behavior for only 2 out of 15 samples, or 13 percent of the time. All the other suites but one (F-Secure, at 33 percent) were able to display a behavior-based warning at least half the time.
  • McAfee Internet security suite i.e. also failed in scan speed tests. It was second to last for on-access scan speed, which refers to how quickly files are scanned when you access or open them. It did somewhat better in on-demand speed, which involves scheduled and manually run scans, with a fifth-place finish.
  • In line with the suite’s inconsistent performance, McAfee’s interface was good in some ways and less appealing in others. The suite does a good job at organizing features into intuitive categories such as ‘Computer & Files’ or ‘Internet & Network’, and generally it provides good information up front. But surprisingly it lacks context-sensitive help, so if you click the help link while viewing the useful network map, for instance, you won’t go straight to the relevant help section; instead you’ll have to manually search or sift through the topics to find the information you need.
  • McAfee Internet Security 2019 : ($40 for one year of protection on up to 3 computers, as of 12/19/12) didn’t manage top marks in our security suite tests, but it’s still a fairly proficient anti malware program that will keep you relatively well-protected. This security suite, which boasts a simple user interface and super quick installation process, scans your system quickly and efficiently.
  • However, McAfee’s uninspired design and average performance makes it a less attractive choice compared to its competition.

McAfee’s user interface, though uninspired, is simple and easy to understand. It’s not very attractive (the main window is gray with green and blue accents), but it does have a large banner at the top that shows your protection status, along with four small modules so you can quickly access important security areas. These areas include virus and spyware protection, Web and email protection, updates, and your subscription information.

There are also three smaller modules that let you quickly access McAfee’s other services, including data protection tools, PC home and network tools, and parental controls.

On the right side of the main window are links to navigation and help. The navigation section is where you’ll find the main settings, as well as information about each of the suite’s features. You can also click the modules on the main window to access settings for individual features.

The settings menus are a little difficult to navigate, but McAfee does offer up simple explanations for each area, as well as a “Learn more” link that takes you to the a relevant online help document.

  • Internet security suite protects your digital lifestyle.
  • Prevents viruses, blocks hackers, and identifies spam.
  • Protects irreplaceable files; stops unwanted Internet traffic.
  • Enhances privacy with digital document shredder.
  • Updates automatically to guard against new threats.

McAfee was competent at cleaning up malware infections once they were already on the system. In our system cleanup test, the program detected and disabled 100 percent of infections, and fully cleaned up 70 percent of infections. Five of the nine security suites we tested performed better than McAfee in this test, completely cleaning up at least 80 percent of infections.

McAfee had an excellent false positive percentage: It didn’t flag a single safe file as malicious. It also did a very good job at detecting known baddies: in our malware “zoo” detection test, it managed to detect 99.9 percent of known malware samples.

McAfee adds just a little extra weight to your system, performance-wise. In ourPC speed tests, the program added a little less than one second to startup time,and about four seconds to shutdown time.

McAfee’s scan times are slightly higher than average: It takes one minute and 35 seconds to complete an on demand (manual) scan, and five minutes for an on-access scan (the automatic scan that happens when you open or save a file to a disk). In both cases, that’s about average for the suites we tested.

Installing McAfee Internet Security 2013 is a breeze. There are just three screens to click through, the program doesn’t try to install any extras (such as toolbars) or change any of your settings (such as your default browser search), and it doesn’t require a restart is required.

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