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Welcome to McAfee Activation : McAfee AntiVirus Plus also comes with anti-spyware, anti-phishing, and anti-spam. Remember, a good antivirus can only provides certain security. Always practice safe computer habits such as never download files from suspicious websites, never visit suspicious websites and avoid access your online accounts on open wireless networks in cafes.

The software is a special cloud-based antivirus service that is used to provide users with extra protection. The software can be used protect personal computers as well as mobile phones and tablets viruses, malware and a range of other types of security threats. : McAfee AntiVirus Plus is a smart next gen security for your computer that detects and blocks viruses and malware. It protects everything on your PC and keeps it safe from viruses, spyware and Trojans. It is specially designed for individual use and gives you the advantages of socializing, downloading, and shopping online without any online threats.

It deploys real-time protection from all the latest threats for millions of users. It optimizes your PC’s performance and the vulnerability scanner ensures that you have the latest versions. Two-way firewall system gives you added layers of heavy-duty protection. It protects against dangerous downloads and notifies you on Wi-Fi network intrusion.

Benefits & Features :

  1. McAfee’s round the clock active protection gives added layers of protection from virus, Trojans and malware.
  2. It proactively access the entire network and keeps your device secure
  3. Designed for individual use, it gives you the advantages of socializing and downloading, without the fear of any online threats.
  4. McAfee Quick Clean deletes unnecessary cookies and temporary files
  5. McAfee Shredder destroys sensitive files securely.
  6. Two-way firewall monitors traffic on your PC while SiteAdvisor identifies potentially risky URLs.

Real Time Anti Malware – Block Threats Like Viruses, Trojans, And Spyware. Adaptive Two-Way Firewall. New Malicious Ad Protection. High Speed Scanning Engine. New Vulnerability Scanner. McAfee Antivirus Plus Provides Essential Pc Protection Against The Next Wave Of Viruses, Hackers, Spyware And More.

Protect Against Viruses And Malware Our Powerful Combination Of Performance, Accuracy, And Reinforcing Protections Keeps Criminals Away From Your Pc And Data. New Unobtrusive, High Speed Scanning Engine – From Startup To On-Access Scans, Get High Performance To Minimize Scan Times And Extend Battery Life.

New Vulnerability Scanner – Find And Seal Up Holes In Windows And Your Favorite Browsers And Applications. Real-Time Antimalware – Block Threats Like Viruses, Trojans, And Spyware In Your Files, Email, And Web Downloads Using Instant Risk Assessments Through The Cloud. Adaptive Two-Way Firewall – Let Our Advanced Firewall With Buffer Overflow Protection Prevent Software From Exploiting Your Os Or Stealing Information, Even In Hotspots.

New Malicious Ad Protection – Block Cybercrime Networks And Their Malicious Ads And Hidden Iframe Code From Loading And Infecting Your Pc. Enhanced Digital Data Shredder – Destroy Sensitive Data And Erase Cookies, Memory, Cache, Browser History, And More. Improved Safe Socializing, Searching, And Shopping – Click With Confidence.

Was this product information helpful? Yes No Specifications of Mcafee 2 PC General Brand Mcafee Live Updates Yes Realtime Proactive Protection Yes Type Anti-virus Num Of Pc 2 Media Format No CD Automatic Scheduled Scan Yes Features New Vulnerability Scanner Model Id 2 PC System Monitor Yes Parental Control Yes Email Protection Yes Sales Package No Cd, 1 Mcafee Antivirus Plus 2016 2 Pc 1 Year Activation Card Malware Spam Protection Yes Centralized Management Yes Model Name Plus 2016 – 2 PC 1 Year Activation Card Subscription Validity 1 Year Version 2016 Antivirus Protection Yes Password Manager Yes System Requirements Operating System Windows.


Mcafee Antivirus PLus Software Offers :

  • McAfee Antivirus Plus (formerly VirusScan plus; $40 for a one-year, single-PC license, as of 11/19/09) does well with traditional, signature-based malware detection, but it delivered a large number of false positives and fumbled on essentials like proactive protection and scan speed. Overall, it ranked tenth out of the 11 products in our roundup of stand-alone antivirus programs.
  • When put up against’s huge cache of spyware, Trojans, and other malware, McAfee’s program successfully identified an impressive 99.9 percent of samples, which earned it a second-place rank in that category behind G-Data. Then again, most of the programs we tested handled basic signature detection well.
  • The apps we tested differed greatly in their ability to proactively protect against new malware that didn’t yet have a full signature. Here, McAfee’s offering disappointed. In heuristic tests that use two-week-old signature files and newer malware, the program detected only 56.8 percent of’s samples. Six other programs did a better job.
  • Antivirus Plus mitigates that lackluster heuristic detection with its ability to check unknown files against online servers, which means that the latest available signatures will always be used. And the company proved quick in providing those signatures, usually within two hours of any given outbreak. Only Semantic was as nimble in its outbreak response.
  • But online crooks devote a great deal of effort to evading signature detection, and Antivirus Plus lacks any ability to identify malware based solely on behavior. Behavioral analysis provides a strong extra layer of proactive protection; Antivirus Plus, however, wasn’t able to block any malware in behavioral tests.
  • The program also fared poorly in disinfection tests. Every other app we evaluated was able to detect and disable all the test malware infections, and while McAfee disabled what it found, it failed to detect one of the ten.
  • Antivirus Plus is also relatively easy to use, and its warning pop-ups display plenty of information when it finds a threat. But some good features and a decent user interface can’t outweigh a poor job at many critical protection tasks.

McAfee does offer some nice extras with its app. For one thing, subscribers get all future program updates for free, with no need to pay extra for new software versions. Also, the company doesn’t offer any antivirus programs without a firewall, so you’ll get one with Antivirus Plus.

People want to enjoy the benefits of connecting, surfing, and shopping online and don’t want to think about security risks. At McAfee we live and breathe digital security, relentlessly working to stay several steps ahead of the bad guys. Every second of every day, we focus on one thing: keeping your digital life safe, so that you can surf, shop and socialize online with confidence.

How would you live without your computer? It’s how you get the news, share with friends, schedule your life, shop, and bank online. McAfee helps keep your PC safe from viruses, Trojans, spyware, and malware it might pick up from email, USB sticks, removable hard drives, or simply browsing online. With McAfee security software working in real time, security is there when you need it, invisible when you don’t. : McAfee AntiVirus Plus is a product developed by Mcafee. This site is not directly affiliated with Mcafee. All trademarks, registered trademarks, product names and company names or logos mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.

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