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Welcome to McAfee Activation is the URL to redeem your McAfee product key for dell computer. You need to go to redeem your McAfee activation product key.

Activate McAfee Dell subscription at for dell laptop is simple through retail card. When you go to a retail store or a retail site to buy a Dell or HP Laptop with McAfee Subscription then you’ll need to activate. Seller’ll give you a McAfee retail card where you find your product key. It’ll help you in activation. The benefit of having a retail card is that you get the most recent version of your product.

Your DELL laptop comes with preinstalled 30 day trial of McAfee Security Center software. But to enable the software to do its job you need to activate it first. If you want to install McAfee antivirus on Dell PC using a retail card, here we are providing a step-by-step process for redeeming the retail card, McAfee installation, and activation on Dell PC.

Best 3 Step Process To Activate

To redeem your McAfee Retail card on Dell PC, go to activation website or

1. First, log in to your McAfee Account. If you don’t have an McAfee account then create a new account and Log in with that.
2. Here, you have to enter your 25-digit activation code.
3. Now, follow the on-screen instructions to activate McAfee product and get protected your Dell PC.
If you have already used your activation key then you can download your McAfee product from Visit your McAfee account and follow the on-screen instructions. Your product will automatically download on your Dell PC and its subscription will get activated.

In some cases, you may need to verify your email address before you are taken to the McAfee download page. If you don’t have a McAfee account, in that case, create a new account. Then log in using the newly created login credentials. Here you need to accept the license agreement. And then your product will automatically download on your Dell PC and its subscription will get activated automatically.

McAfee antivirus software is beneficial in many ways:

  • It protects your important documents and secures your files and folder on the device.
  • The McAfee antivirus prevents the malware.
  • Secures the important information.
  • Enable that your search history remain private.
  • Prevents ads.
  • It is the most famous antivirus for privacy and security purpose.
  • To get McAfee antivirus security by downloading, installing and activating McAfee setup, McAfee activate with activation code.

Install and Activate McAfee –

McAfee antivirus security software helps users to protect their essential data in computers. McAfee scans all folders on the system to search, detect and remove harmful threats if any. McAfee total Protection safeguards your identity and helps make sure your private life stays private. The first thing McAfee antivirus do is detect all the harmful content from the computer, after placing original content at safe place. McAfee antivirus available to download for Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android with both online ( and offline source(CD drive).

In many retail stores, McAfee sells Retail Cards that allow you to download your security product from the internet instead of installing from a CD. This ensures that the product you install is always the most recent version. Sometimes due to the virus or security conflicts issues can create problems for your security protection installation and then its process get more difficult to install McAfee for normal computer users, but we are here to help you to fix those critical issues and successfully redeem, download and install your McAfee card products. | Activate McAfee with Retail Card (Activation code)

  1. You can buy McAfee retail card online or you can buy it from a retail shop.
  2. In next step you have to open and enter the activation key code of 25-letters and click on submit. The Activation key is available at the box of the retail card in case of offline purchase or in the confirmation email if you bought it online.
  3. Now enter your Email id and password to login into your account, if you are a new user, then click on register now button, fill all required information, click on I agree and verify your account by clicking on the link you receive in an email on your email id.
  4. Now you will see your product on the McAfee dashboard, from where you can download the McAfee product.
  5. After completion of McAfee setup Download process, double-click on the setup file.
  6. In next window Click on the button Next.
  7. Now you will get a pop up of the User License Agreement in the next window. Here you will get a drop down list so turn the “License expiry type” to Perpetual. And click on I accept the terms in the license agreement to agree on the statement and then click the Okay button.
  8. In the next window, choose the setup type to “Typical” and then click on the Next button.
  9. Again in next window Choose Standard Protection then click on Next.
  10. Click on the install button and wait til the process get completed.
  11. Once installation process completes, click on the finish button and reboot your device to complete the process

McAfee Antivirus Installation Problems:

  • Upgrading McAfee Antivirus to the latest version.
  • Resolve activation key problems from McAfee activate with activation code
  • Offering Help in McAfee Antivirus Setup and Configuration.
  • Provide solution to you if McAfee Antivirus is not working or guide to solve other software issues.
  • Un-installation of other conflicting Applications and repair of any software problems.
  • Provide better System protection.
  • Troubleshoot any McAfee Antivirus problem.
  • Customize setting of McAfee product as per your system requirements.
  • Scan your device to prevent any type of risk that may occur through viruses Malware or any other threat.
  • Resolve issues related to firewall.

How to download McAfee antivirus product from ?

Users can download the McAfee Antivirus product online using the methods mentioned below :

Step 1: In the first step, user should go to with a default browser, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer.
Step 2: Make sure the activation code is on the back of the card. This is a 25-digit alphanumeric activation code.
Step 3: Now, insert the activation code and click Next.
Step 4: And fill up the email address and password to log in to the McAfee account. If you do not have a McAfee account, register a new McAfee account.
Step 5: Run the McAfee installation file.
Step 6: Now a prompt will appear as “yes” or “no”, so click “Yes”.
Step 7: Now McAfee will prepare for installation and once the installation program is ready, choose the “Complete” installation and click “Next”.
Step 8: McAfee will download the installation files to your PC before installing the software.
Step 9: After a while, McAfee will start installing the downloaded files on your computer.
Step 10: A screen will indicate that the installation is complete. After clicking on “Finish”, the software will activate.
Step 12: From there, you are completely protected by McAfee. download

First of all , make sure you have the activation code on the retail card And it is 25 digit alphanumeric activation code. Now I will show you step by step :-

  1. First of all , go to page
  2. And now you have a place, where you can put the activation code
    Hence put the activation code here and click on submit.
  3. As a result now you are on the next, where it will ask you to login to your McAfee account.
  4. Probably you do not have a McAfee account , then just create one with the register option.
  5. If you are done with the account and email verification . You can login inside your McAfee account.
  6. Seems like we are almost done. Just see the download links. Click on that, now it will create a code which will be used during installation. Just note it down.
  7. Finally, run the downloaded file and follow the positive steps (i.e. yes , run, save, continue) In order to complete installation.
    Most Noteworthy Follow these tips if activation is not going through.

Successful activation and installation of retail card online.

  • First of all confirm you have entered the correct product key to activate your McAfee.
  • And check you have the latest Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 package installed to avoid installation error like ” McAfee Installation incomplete “.
  • Now make sure that the internet explorer is your default browser. ( In some cases).
  • Please uninstall all the conflicting programs (like any other antivirus) that are present in your computer.
  • If any problem is happening you can run MCPR , Preinstall tool and Virtual technician programs of McAfee to troubleshoot installation issues

How to Enter McAfee Product key for

We provide help and support for activation, you can get required help from online. Call us or email us the error or problem, our one of the expert contact you with the suitable perfect solution. Get the McAfee application suite and as per your need and see how it is easy to work.

When you are buying McAfee antivirus software for your business or setting home for the personal use. The Application suite has the something for all users either it is personal use, small business use or big business use. And each user feels the product satisfaction and feel that you get the best as per you spent on the Software. McAfee can help you to secure your business by providing protection from internet security threats.

McAfee antivirus is very easy to install, download and redeem product key. Use of McAfee is also simple and you just need to install McAfee and rest application will do.

McAfee activation online using the internet is easy. Go to the official site and purchase it. Save it, run it and pass through some easy instruction and agree all the policies. When you open, it shows an alert about Activation. Active McAfee online product key online. A product key is of 25-characters and it is sent to you by confirmation mail. But if you want to install it using a CD drive, insert CD and run it. It will start the same process of installation as given above.

McAfee has many advantages and some of them are most useful and help in business progress too. Some of them are:

Full suite of all applications

Standard Format

Every business always needed to send the document and details material and everyone wants to sure that the documents that are sending the proper and original format. For it, you can use McAfee because it provides a special format for business and industry. But avoid the extra mix-ups and think that where and what you are sending and how you want to represent it.

Use of mcafee is user-friendly

One of the best benefits of McAfee compare to other software is its user-friendly nature. It doesn’t require any particular skill or knowledge to working with it. McAfee suite is easy to work with, you have to just open and start to work with it.

To activate or redeem the other retail card product for Mcafee, Kindly visit the below link as per your product :

1. McAfee MLS (McAfee Live Safe). Visit
2. McAfee MAV (McAfee Antivirus Plus). Visit
3. McAfee MTP (McAfee Total Protection). Visit
4. McAfee MIS (McAfee Internet Security). Visit
5. To Activate McAfee Visit