What is the difference between McAfee Total Protection and livesafe?

There is no such big difference between McAfee Total protection and McAfee Livesafe, except some of the features like prices McAfee Total protection is available in around $24.99 while McAfee Livesafe is at $25.99.

There is one more thing which makes a difference between the two products is Secure Cloud Storage. This feature is included in the McAfee Livesafe but not in McAfee Total Protection. Otherwise, all the features in both of these products are almost the same.

I am listing down all the features of both the products of Mcafee separately just to clarify these things.

McAfee Total Protection

1. Antivirus Protection

2. Security and Privacy Features

3. Firewall

4. Performance & PC optimization Tool

5. Wifi protection

6. Automatic Update

7. McAfee Shredder

8. Web Protection

9. Network Manager

10. Parental Control

11. True Key (Password manager)

Mcafee Live Safe

1. Antivirus Protection – Anti-theft, Anti-malware

2. Security and Privacy Features

3. Firewall

4. Automatic Update

5. Web Protection

6. True Key (Password Manager)

7. Secure Cloud Storage

8. Comprehensive Mobile Security

9. Antispam & Parental Control

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